We include free services:

  1. Free Initial Consultation: Before enrolment, we offer a complimentary consultation to understand the unique needs and aspirations of each student.
  2. Visit in Their Setting: We believe in observing students in their familiar environments, providing insights that help us tailor our approach.
  3. Tri-phase Coaching: Students receive dedicated coaching sessions at the start, middle, and end of the term, ensuring consistent growth and feedback.
  4. Comprehensive Reporting: Schools are kept in the loop with detailed reports, ensuring collaborative progress tracking.
  5. Pupil Progress Plan (PPP) Creation: Each student benefits from a customised PPP that integrates Special Educational Needs (SEN) and other specific requirements.
  6. Diverse Grouping: We champion diversity. Our groups are intentionally composed of students from mixed background settings to foster inclusivity and holistic development.

Standard Fee:

£2400 per student per term (typically spanning 6-7 weeks)

Discounted Fee:

Special Offer! If you enrol 4 or more students at once, benefit from our discounted fee of £1800 per child per term.

Group Structure:

  • Each group consists of 6 students
  • Every group is led by a primary “Educational Facilitator” and supported by a secondary “Learning Enthusiast” to ensure a comprehensive and supportive learning environment
  • All professionals are DBS checked and insured via The risk protection arrangement (RPA) for schools
WeekDay 1 ActivityDay 2 Activity
1Nature and Conservation SessionTech & Innovation Workshop
1Coaching Session (with qualified coach; school input considered)
2Community Service ProjectLife Skills Training
3Collaborative Group WorkReal-World Problem Solving
4Physical Wellness ActivitiesMentorship Session
4Coaching Session (with qualified coach; school input considered)
5Environmental StewardshipCultural & Arts Exposure
6Personal Development WorkshopExploration of Science & Tech Careers
7Reflection & Feedback SessionFinal Group Project Presentation
7Coaching Session (with qualified coach; school input considered)
An exemplar activity plan

Example Activities

Special Coaching Sessions: Our coaching sessions in weeks 1, 4, and 7 are spearheaded by qualified coaches. We believe in a collaborative approach, inviting input from the school to tailor these sessions effectively. Our coaches are adept at considering each student’s unique needs, including Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP).

Initial Consultation: One of the unique features of our programme is the initial consultation. We believe it’s vital to meet the child in their new setting to ensure the best fit for all parties involved. This consultation provides us with insights into the child’s needs and helps us tailor our approach accordingly. While we are committed to inclusivity, we also recognise the importance of ensuring that our programme aligns with the specific needs of each child. Therefore, we reserve the right to make informed decisions about enrolments, always keeping the best interests of the child and the group in mind.


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