About Us

At “Education Other Ways,” we believe in the boundless potential of every learner. Drawing inspiration from age-old wisdom and contemporary insights, we’ve pioneered a unique approach to holistic education, aiming to nurture character, foster community bonds, and craft a curriculum that resonates with life’s rhythms.

Our Philosophy:
Our teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in the teachings of three iconic educators:

  • John Ruskin: Advocating for the “Lamp of Truth,” we champion the pursuit of genuine knowledge, encouraging our students to seek truth in all they learn.
  • Baden Powell: Embracing Powell’s emphasis on exploration, we provide our students with the tools to navigate their learning journey, ensuring they’re equipped to face the challenges of the ever-evolving world.
  • Charlotte Mason: At the heart of our curriculum is a child-centred approach, echoing Mason’s belief in the importance of nurturing the individual spirit of each learner.

Our Journey:
With more than 18 years in the educational sector and a rich portfolio of published research, we’ve continuously evolved, striving to redefine holistic education for the present and future.

Our Team:
Guided by a distinguished board of six trustees, our team comprises dedicated educators, passionate innovators, coaches and supportive administrative staff. Every member of our community contributes to the vibrant learning environment we’ve cultivated.

We’re proud of our robust network of stakeholders, from academic prowess at local Academy trusts, to the diverse expertise of our collaborators in business, community projects, charities and conservation. Together, we’re sculpting an educational experience that not only enlightens the mind but also enriches the soul.

Join Us:
As we continue our journey, we invite you to become a part of our story. Whether you’re a prospective student, a passionate educator, or someone curious about holistic learning, there’s a place for you at “Education Other Ways.”

For booking or related questions, contact our dedicated team using the contact form, social media or give us a call using the contact us page.


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